Going Gray?

We all have seen it. The gray hairstyle. My mother, as sweet as she can be, called me stupid for coloring my hair gray while she tries to get rid of hers. 


Now to be honest, I am kind of disappointed because it turned blond so quickly and am thinking of re-coloring it soon, but I wanted to share with you the fases that my hair went through these past 2 weeks. Starting with my natural haircolor. Note: These pictures were taken before I ever planned on using this for my blog (I only started blogging a few days ago), so bare with me and my Iphone and Snapchat quality.

I really want it to be a lot more gray, but because I had such a warm tone in my hair before I was told that this was impossible at once. I have been washing my hair with Silver Shampoo since I got it colored, and as you can see it got SO much lighter (and blonder).

Silver shampoo by Salon B

Like I said, I want it a LOT more gray next time. What do you think and what is your experience? Also, you can follow me on Snapchat: Dilarabosak


  • That’s a shame the colour changed so quick. I would love to dye my hair grey, but I’ve heard it so hard to keep up!

    Kate xx

    • admin

      Yes it is extremely difficult! I have another appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  • The gray really looks great on you and it definitely suits you. Don’t think I would rock the gray look though.

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

    • Dilara Bosak

      Thank you! It is very hard to keep up with though to be honest! It turns blond so quick!

  • You have such nice hair! I really like the whole grey trend! I have ombre hair have debated doing the blonde part grey, but I just don’t think I’m cool enough haha xx


    • Dilara Bosak

      It would totally look great on you though!!! Believe me I didn’t think I was cool enough either but we are all cool enough for anything we want I guess!