How to prepare your week on Sunday | 8 Step Checklist


There is no better feeling then being able to start a fresh new week knowing that you will be more motivated and productive then the previous one. And this is what I am here to help you with! I wanted to share a couple of steps with you that I take each Sunday to get a great start of my week!

Step 1: Have a CLEAN start, literally.
What better way to start the week then with a freshly picked and cleaned room? Even though I do recommend picking up daily so you never have to much mess, on Sunday’s I like to make sure that everything is nice and neat for the new week. This will put you in a much better mood and boost your motivation for your fresh start! So get your cleaning on!

Step 2: Clear out your inbox
This is the perfect time to go through your e-mails of the past week. Have you answered everything you wanted to? Were there any e-mails you still needed to send? Do it. Now. Create folders for e-mails that you don’t want to lose, such as important school or work-related e-mails. And whatever is not important or already dealt with, archive it! By keeping your inbox clean you will be less likely to feel overwhelmed and avoid new e-mails coming in. Don’t give yourself any extra anxiety by keeping all those e-mails there!

Step 3: Create a ‘Ta Da’ list
We always tend to look at the things we have to accomplish and forget to look back and be proud of what we already did. By creating a Ta Da list I encourage you to stop constantly focusing on your future goals and appreciate your accomplishments of the past week or days. This will work great for your motivation to proceed and it also helps to reflect and review if you are on the right path to your end-goal. Keep it positive!

Step 4: Block out your calendar for mandatory appointments
School, work, dentist appointments, whatever. The first thing you should do is write all of these appointments down in your calendar or planner. You can do this with a physical planner or online. For more of this I recommend you to view my video (LINK).

Step 5: Make a non-negotiable list
This is a list of tasks that you have to do this week. Deadlines, mandatory homework or chores that needs to be done go in this list. Write down everything you can think of, but don’t make it too crazy. Really think what needs to be done this week. If you have other tasks that don’t necessarily need to be done this week, go to step 6.

Step 6: Make an ‘extra to-do list’
This list contains all tasks that you would like to do if you have extra time. This can be anything. For instance, if you want to learn something new or if you want to take the time to clean out your closet. Things that you only want to do if you have the time for it.

Step 7: Block your calendar 
Take all the mandatory tasks you wrote down for this week and block it out in your calendar. Give it a specific time you want to work on it and try to define how long it will take you. Make sure to always give yourself a little bit extra time for this, so you don’t stress when it takes longer than initially expected. Also, while planning this, think of the time of the day that you usually are most productive. Is this during the morning? Put the harder tasks for the mornings. Tasks that take less energy you can then place on other times during the day when you know that you are usually less productive. This way you can be sure you’re doing the right task at the right time. Only you know what is best for you!
In the time you have left, check what tasks from your extra list you can add to your calendar. Make sure not to over-plan yourself! Make sure you always have some time to relax or do something fun for yourself, I don’t want you to go crazy just because you want to get extra things done. There are 52 weeks in a year so you will have enough time to get stuff done!!!

Step 8: Pamper yourself!
Go on, you deserve it. Light some candles, put on a face-mask or go for a nice walk. Do whatever makes you happy and unwind. This is your time to enjoy yourself and re-charge for the new week. Relax!


These are the steps I follow each week and work like a charm for me! Please let me know what you already do or what you will try this Sunday. Good Luck!!


Watch my ‘How to prepare your week on Sunday’ video here!


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