Travel | How to Pack your Bags like a Pro

Hi loves, sorry for the holdup but I am back!

A few of you who follow me on Snapchat (if you don’t, add me: dilarabosak), know that I have been in the US since August first.

Being the crazy and overenthusiastic planner that I am, I wanted to share with you my packing routine!pyb.jpg

Step 1: Start on time and write EVERYTHING down!

Two weeks before I go on a vacay I keep a notebook next to my bed and write down everything that comes to mind that I need to pack. I guess you could start a week later, but because I’m always so busy I like to already have it prepared just incase I do have time to think.

Step 2: Write EVERYTHING down… Again..

The day before I plan on packing I tend to type out a whole new list of things I need to pack. I do this WITHOUT looking at my old list, so I can compare the two afterwards and fill the last list with things I forgot. This way I force my mind to go over everything I might need instead of just copying my last list.

Tip: Make Categories! When I write it down the second time, I make 2 lists: Suitcase and Handbag. Then I divide the lists in categories. So for my suitcase it would be: Toiletries, Clothing, Accessoires, Electronics and other. For my purse: Travel items (passport etc.), Electronics and other. This way I can specifically think of items I may not have thought about without these categories.


Step 3: Create outfits

I used to always just throw everything in my suitcase without even thinking how I would wear it. This would result in bringing either to little or way to much. So now I count the days and nights that I will stay there, figure out if I can do laundry over there and then decide how many outfits I will be needing. So if I am staying 20 days and I know I can wash my clothes AND I know I will be shopping, I probably will bring 10 day- and 5 night-outfits.

After deciding how many outfits I need, I start creating the outfits. I try to pick items that I can re-wear so I don’t literally have to take 15 tops and 15 bottoms. Also, I try EVERYTHING on and think: Would I want to post an Instagram-picture in this outfit? I know it’s stupid, but let’s be honest, we all make 100000 + pictures when we are on holiday and I always want every outfit to be Gram-worthy! Right?!

Tip: Role clothes up instead of folding them! I’ve learned that I can save so much extra space if I role my clothes up!!


Step 4: Check your list!

Go by every single item you wrote down on your list. Make sure you have everything. I always make sure I pack a few days before I leave, just incase I need to purchase something right before I have to go!

Tip: Ask for help! I love it when someone can read my checklist while I look for the items in my suitcase. This not only makes it go a lot faster, but it’s also a lot more fun if you have someone there to help!


How do you pack? And would you like to see a What’s in my bag? post?


  • PeachBlossom

    I can attest to writing down everything helps! It makes sure that I bring what I NEED and no excess baggage.